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On February 20th, participated in the 2023 Autonomous Region's "Mongolian Business Silk Road To

Date of issue:2023-04-21 | Number of views:402

On February 20th, 16 key foreign trade enterprises and 32 people from Linhe District, who participated in the first overseas economic and trade activity of the "Mongolian Business Silk Road Tour" in the autonomous region in 2023, as well as the trade docking and market development activities between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in Inner Mongolia, flew to Dubai via Chongqing to embark on a 6-day market expansion, order grabbing, and investment promotion trip between the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia

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With the advance planning of the Linhe District Commerce Bureau and the careful organization of the superior business department, Linhe District Qiyun Food Company completed the Dubai Bay Food Exhibition task as scheduled. Through on-site communication with Bulgarian old customers who have been away for 3 years, a new 67.5 tons of sunflower seeds (worth 1.08 million yuan) procurement contract was signed on the first day of the exhibition, successfully seizing the opportunity on the first day of the event in the United Arab Emirates, The first shot of the first overseas economic and trade activity of the Inner Mongolia business delegation's "Mongolian Merchants Silk Road Tour".

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As one of the most influential exhibitions in the international food market, Dubai Bay Food Expo has successfully held 16 sessions and is the largest food and beverage, hotel equipment, and food packaging machinery industry exhibition in the Middle East and North Africa region. The exhibition covers an area of 100000 square meters and has over 5000 participating companies, expected to attract 95000 buyers from around the world.

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