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Bayannaoer Qiyun Food Co., Ltd.

Date of issue:2021-02-01 | Number of views:471


Bayannaoer Qiyun Food Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful and rich Hetao Plain -- Xiaozhao Township, Langshan Town, Linhe District, Bayannaoer City, Inner Mongolia. As the saying goes, "thousands of miles of the Yellow River is a rich set". It means that here, Hetao Plain has fertile land, convenient irrigation, large temperature difference between day and night, and sufficient sunshine, which has unique conditions for the development of agriculture and animal husbandry. Rich in wheat, corn, tomato, sunflower, melon and other high-quality agricultural products, the reputation is far-reaching, including an annual output of 150000 tons of black and white sunflower seeds, are high-quality green, characteristic products, delicious taste, rich in protein, is deeply loved by the people of the world leisure food.

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